Art Direction & Design: Felix Roos & Tony Dekleine
UX: Ashley Auld
Creative Direction: Andrew Sirotnik
In 2014 Google ventured into the business of grocery shopping via Google shopping express. A delivery service which lets you shop from your favorite grocery stores online only to have it delivered right to your door. We worked closely together with the team at Google to make shopping for essentials so easy via a site and app that it replaces making a trip to the grocery store all together

Grocery shopping hasn't fundamentally changed much in the past 50 years and the act still heavily relies on making grocery lists both physical and mental (with some room for spontaneity and impulse purchases of course.) We wanted the act of making lists to be the core of our experience, offering a familiar metaphor to an otherwise unfamiliar concept. We set out to make a list that was not only easy to start, accessible anywhere, anytime but also got to know you over time to make smart recommendations based on seasons, weather and shopping patterns with enough room for randomization to satisfy the impulse. We made sure to hit him on the anywhere, anytime thanks to a native app equipped with a unique set of features such as scanning bar-codes to add to cart as well as a system that auto identifies products based on photography.

At the time Google was doing a big push to make illustrations a core part of their brand and we naturally wanted the experience to feel inherently Google. So we cracked our wrists and knuckles and spent countless hours creating illustrations for every major grocery category and item there is along with some large scale “hero” illustrations to welcome users to the site.
Google Shopping Express Responsive Design
Google Shopping Express Homepage
Google Shopping Express Quick List Page
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Google Shopping Express Mobile App


Google Shopping Express Illustration Icons
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