Art Direction: Felix Roos
VD: Theresa Ma
Nixon UX: Anthony Aguirre
Creative Direction: Mike Janiak
Webby - Best Shopping Site 2016
Webby Nomination - Best Practises 2016
In 2015 Basic designed a digital brand/site for Nixon that went on to win just about every award for the year. In 2016 Nixon shifted focus to a more global market while simultaneously reaching out to a broader audience beyond the surf and skate crowd. Nixon came to us to help guide their focus in the right direction and design a new experience that was simple and intuitive enough for a multi-cultural market.

As a big fan of the work previously done by Basic our mission became to keep the integrity of the 2015 redesign while focusing on areas of improvement and solving some of the unique issues Nixon were facing. Beyond globalization, we strived to identify a balance between lifestyle vs. product by introducing heavier story telling throughout the shop flow and letting product detail pages be just that, product details. Nixon was also struggling with conveying product scale and a vast majority of online returns came from shoppers misconception of watch face sizes. We tackled this issue heads on by introducing the millimeter scale in every product name while simultaneously educating users via filtering and a visual shop by size module.

Design, and build was completed in 3 months and thanks to blood, sweat and tears (and countless hours spent working closely with Nixon and the development team) went on to winning the webby for Best Shopping Site of 2016 with a nomination in the Best Practices category. Response Design Homepage Category Subcategory Mobile Comps Mobile Comps