Art Direction & Design: Felix Roos
UX: Henry Martess
Uniqlo reached out to us with the challenge of bringing the spirit, color and energy of the Uniqlo in-store experience to the digital space while adapting their UI/UX to a western audience. As a huge fan of Uniqlos vibrant, energetic branding I was incredibly excited to help Uniqlo elevate their brand online to match their physical presence.

So naturally we packed our lunches and went on multiple field trips visiting Uniqlos flagship stores in both San Francisco and Manhattan where we critically analyzed the interiors to help inform our vision for the site. Our largest source of inspiration came from the use of white-space to emphasize color vibrancy, the gender agnostic nature of their store front, organizational hierarchy of clothing items, and last but not least the strategically reserved use of the Uniqlo red for promotion, location and to drive shopping.

Combining our inspiration from the in-store experience with an extensive research of best in class western retailers we created an experience that felt familiar enough for a western audience to navigate through but foreign enough to be unique, exciting and clearly rooted in Japanese design.
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Uniqlo Homepage
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Uniqlo Homepage
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